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Jonny Marks - Voice, Percussion. Tristan Carter - Violin. Steve Roche - Fiddle. 

Ruby Solly - Cello, Taonga Pūoro, Voice. David Donaldson - Double Bass. Janet Roddick - Voice, Harmonium

Plan 9  released their new album on 30 June 2021.

Entitled The Bewilderness this is a response to the strangeness of 2020, the sudden lockdown, and those moments of calm amidst the ongoing disarray. 

David Donaldson - double bass

Steve Roche - fiddle

Janet Roddick - voice, harmonium

Ruby Solly - cello, voice, tango pūoro

Jonny Marks - voice, percussion

Tristan Carter - violin

Recorded live by John Neill at Stella Maris Chapel

Mixed and produced by Plan 9

Mastered by Mike Gibson

A Braille Records release Brai023