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MW black and white zigzag

MODWHEEL's aim is to create useful instruments with a unique character, that will not only integrate with compositions in a striking way but also be an inspiration for the creative process.

MODWHEEL makes Virtual Instruments and Sample Libraries for Kontakt. Our customers range from Simon Franglen (composer for Avatar), Trent Reznor and Gustavo Santaolla through to NZ composers and producers and composition students.

The newest instruments are Roundwound, Repercussions, Feedback and A Psaltered Zither.

Check out THE LOWDOWN their Double Bass library, Timphonia, Biscuit Tin Guitar, the calf-skin drums of HumDrum, metallic sounds in The BENDS and bamboo percussion The ANGKLUNG.

Find out more at

Percussion of all kinds recorded in the Stella Maris Chapel for the
MODWHEEL sample library for Kontakt: Repercussions

David and Steve as Thrashing Marlin 
Surface Tension from the 2022 album Wildlife featuring Moris 

On Bandcamp below

The Six Volts' only performance on film, a children's tv show from 1989. Features David Donaldson, Steve and Janet. David Long, Anthony Donaldson and Neill Duncan also appear.

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