Plan 9 have 3 times won Best Film Score at the NZ Film Awards for Predicament, Saving Grace and Jack Brown Genius and been finalists 4 times. They were finalists for the 2015 APRA Screen Composing Award. They compose music for film and tv, radio, installations and museum experiences, theatre and dance.

In 2019 they were nominated for the Critics Choice Documentary Awards for Best Score for They Shall Not Grow Old. The best score won, and that was Apollo 11.

In 2022 Plan 9 has created the score for documentary Geoff Dixon: Portraits Of Us which premieres at the NZIFF in August and is working on series 3 of Our Big Blue Backyard. Later this year they will score Katherine McRae's feature documentary Pacific Mother.


They wrote the song Misty Mountains with David Long which was sung by Richard Armitage and the dwarves for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This theme was used by Howard Shore as part of the score. They received a Golden Reel Award nomination for their work on The Hobbit.

It was late in 2018 Plan 9 created the original score for Peter Jackson's documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. In 2019 they were working on a soundtrack using binaural recording for an immersive theatre experience, which was put on hold due to Covid. Plus they did a short film Topping Out for Kerry Fox and something a little bit Hobbitty with David Long for The Green Dragon - Hobbiton in Matamata.

In early 2020 Plan 9 composed the score for the film The Tender Trap which premiered in March 2021, as well music for slow TV
12 hour show Go Further South, (Easter 2020) and then the feature film Poppy was released in May 2021.


Back in 2014 they were commissioned to create new themes for Radio NZ's flagship current affairs shows Morning Report and Checkpoint.


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Film Work


Geoff Dixon: Portraits Of Us (original score)

Poppy (original score)

Marieville (original score)

The Tender Trap (original score)

Topping Out (original score)

They Shall Not Grow Old (original score)

Water Baby (original score)

Milk (original score)

Kobi  (original score)

Caught In The Web (original score)

The Great Maiden's Blush (original score)

What We Do In The Shadows (original score)

Antarctica: A Year On Ice (original score)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ( Misty Mountains w David Long)

My Life As A Koont (original score)

Fresh Meat (original score)

The Last Ocean (original score - documentary)

Hook Line And Sinker (original score)

Love Birds (original score)

Predicament (original score)

Second Hand Wedding (original score)

Asylum Pieces (original score)

Diagnosis Death (original score)

Taking The Waewae Express (original score)

King Kong (add ambient music w David Long)

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (cultural music w David Long)

Danny Deckchair (original score)

Perfect Strangers (original score)

Someone Else's Country (original score - doco)

Kombi Nation (original score)

Forgotten Silver (original score)

Tongan Ninja (original score)

Jubilee (original score)

Saving Grace (original score)

Jack Brown Genius (original score)

Abberration (original score)

TV Work


Our Big Blue Backyard Series 3

Go Further South (12 hour slow TV)

Volcanic NZ (3 x 1hr eps)

Modern Dinosaurs (6 x 1hr eps)

Living With Maneaters (90 min Animal Planet)

Mysterious Wilds of India (90min AP)

Our Big Blue Backyard 2 series (12 x 1hr eps)

Life Force Series 2 (6 x 1hr eps)

aka Mutant Planet Series 2

I Survived... (115 x 1hr eps)

I Survived... Beyond And Back (24 x 1hr eps)

My Life As A Gangster Girl (1 x 1hr pilot)

The Man In The Hat (feature documentary)

Lovely Rita (feature documentary)

Ben & Jeremy's Big Adventure

Orangutan Island (26 x 30min eps)

Time Of Our Lives (1 x 1hr documentary)

Holly's Heroes (kidult 26 x 30min eps)

Tiger Country (telemovie)

Earthquake (1 x 1hr documentary)

Force = X (7 x 1hr eps documentary)

Growing Up (7 x 1 hr eps series)






Hobbiton - The Green Dragon Inn - original Hobbit  music (w David Long)

Welcome To Wellington for Museum of Wellington

UnVeiled for Te Papa

Waka Ama for Te Papa

NZ Pavillion 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Zealandia Exhibition

War In The Pacific - Museum of Wgton

Innocents Abroad - Museum of Wgton

Golden Days for Te Papa

Voyagers: Discovering The Pacific - Te Papa

Rotorua Museum Exhibition

Oyster City - Tourist Centre Marennes, France



Music Editing/Temp Score


Undertow (feature film)

Undertow (TV Series)

Mortal Engines

The Changeover

Cliffs Of Freedom


The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

The Waterhorse

The Warrior's Way

The Worlds Fastest Indian

The Vintner's Luck

King Kong

Return Of The Children


Frontier Of Dreams