Braille Records

Braille Records was started in 1984 to release the music of the Wellington based Braille Collective.

The originators were Stuart Porter, Anthony Donaldson and David Donaldson who were part of the improvising group The Primitive Art Group. Their 1984 double album Five Tread Drop Down was the first out on Braille.

Other bands from the collective to appear on the label were The Family Mallet, Jungle Suite, David Watson, The Black Sheep, Our Name Is Our Motto, The Four Volts and Rabbit Lock.

The Six Volts had 2 albums on Braille in the 80s and from the 90s on there were 4 releases by David Donaldson and Steve Roche's outfit Thrashing Marlin and 2 from The Labcoats, an experimental ensemble of Donaldson, Roche, David Long, Anthony Donaldson, Riki Gooch and Toby Laing. Following up on the live show The Songs of Kurt Weill CD was also on Braille in 2007.

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