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Janet Roddick, David Donaldson and Stephen Roche compose, perform, record and produce music collectively under the name Plan 9.


Since 1995 they have created scores for over 30 feature films. They've made music for 10 international co-pro tv series, numerous documentaries, programmes and short films, plus music for dance and theatre as well as installations and exhibition spaces around the world. 

Katherine McRae's feature documentary Pacific Mother premiered at the 2023 Doc Edge Festival. It won 4 awards. Plan 9 created the score collaborating with musicians from Okinawa Japan, Hawaii, Cook Islands, Tahiti and Aotearoa. Pacific Mother is now playing around NZ and has been screening in Australia. The film has just played at the Hawai'i International Film Festival and Tahiti Film Festival. The film makers commissioned a song by Tokelau artist Olivia Foai.

They had a great time scoring 6 part NZ drama series Dark City - The Cleaner based on a novel by Christchurch author Paul Cleave. It premiered in March on Neon and SKY Soho, and will be released internationally.

In 2020 and 2021 while The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power was filming in NZ Plan 9, with David Long, created 8 musical pieces for the show. Their song This Wandering Day, with lyrics by JD Payne plays in episode 5. It's first sung by actor Megan Richards as the Harfoot Poppy Proudfoot and then plays over the end credits sung by Janet arranged by Bear McCreary.

10 This Wandering Day (feat. Janet Roddick)
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In March 2022 Plan 9 won the 2021 APRA Silver Scroll SOUNZ Contemporary Music Award for The Bewilderness.

Watch a short teaser with us on Bass, Violin and Harmonium playing in the Stella Maris Chapel.

Listen on to the album on Bandcamp, Spotify & Apple Music

Geoff Dixon: Portraits Of Us premiered at the NZ International Film Festival on 6 August 2022. The score is now on Bandcamp & Spotify

They Shall Not Grow Old - Original Soundtrack for Peter Jackson's documentary is out on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify

Plan 9 have 3 times won Best Film Score at the NZ Film Awards for Predicament, Saving Grace and Jack Brown Genius and been finalists 4 times. They were finalists for the 2015 APRA Screen Composing Award for Life Force. They compose music for film and tv, radio, installations and museum experiences, theatre and dance.

In 2019 they were nominated for the Critics Choice Documentary Awards for Best Score for They Shall Not Grow Old. The best score won, and that was Apollo 11.

They wrote the song Misty Mountains with David Long which was sung by Richard Armitage and the dwarves for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This theme was used by Howard Shore as part of the score. They received a Golden Reel Award nomination for their work on The Hobbit. Plan 9 and David Long created additional music for The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and King Kong.

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